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Community Partnerships and Affiliations

Niagara Pride is proud and honored to be a part of the Niagara County and WNY community.  Our strength comes from the partnerships and affiliations we make with other agencies and organizations.  By working together we, can make a difference in our community.

What is Stigma?  Isolation. Discrimination. Shame. Embarrassment. Often the biggest challenges people with mental illnesses face aren’t their illnesses at all. The stigma—or negative feelings, attitudes and stereotypes—that surround mental health can make getting help scary and leading a fulfilling life difficult. Stigma prevents people from seeking help. It restricts resources from being allocated. And it discourages others from lending their support.  One of the best ways to stop the stigma is to learn more about mental illness. Separating the truth from the stigma can help increase awareness, understanding and acceptance for those living with mental health challenges. Get the facts and spread the word.

Since June of 2020, the task force has met 72 times to identify community needs and to facilitate a collaborative, stakeholder-driven, pandemic intervention in proven-risk census tracts and neighborhoods. The goal of the Task Force is to reduce health disparities for vulnerable residents living in Niagara County. Our objectives include the tracking and analysis of Niagara County COVID-19 data (including both positivity rates and vaccination rates), the facilitation of community, residential testing that removes testing barriers, the facilitation of community-based vaccination clinics, the education of community members about prevention and early intervention measures as well as the COVID-19 vaccination, the facilitation of personal protective equipment (PPE) distribution, and the identification of growing and changing community needs related to the current pandemic.

The Niagara County Workforce Development Board (WDB) sets policy for the local workforce development system, serving the universal population of both job seekers and business.  The WDB is directly responsible to determine how best use local WIOA funds.  Funds can be used to provide services to individuals seeking employment through linkages to job openings, services and training programs.

The Community Network of Care for Children and Families in Niagara County (CNOC) developed out of the participation of the Niagara County Department of Mental Health with NYS Success in a SAMHSA grant.  The Department has continued to provide leadership by providing staff to further develop CNOC, facilitate the Advisory Council and Subcommittee meetings, act as liaison between the various partner and community entities, and coordinate various trainings for schools, community partners, and families alike.  Although the grant ended in September 2016, CNOC has continued its System of Care (SOC) work in the county. The CNOC collaborative is composed of governmental, not-for-profit agencies, schools, parents / caregivers and youth that work collaboratively to fulfill its Mission, Vision and Goals.

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