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Niagara Pride's Policies and Rules:


Thank you for your interest in helping Niagara Pride, Inc. Our volunteers and community members have many great fundraising ideas to benefit our organization and the community we serve. Most fundraising events proposed that are not already included in our annual budget/programming schedule must be third party events due to limited board member availability. 


A third party event is any fundraising activity by a non-affiliated group or individual where Niagara Pride has no fiduciary responsibility and little or no staff involvement.

We actively encourage third party fundraising events. All such events must be approved by Niagara Pride in advance. Each proposal is carefully reviewed and evaluated for feasibility and suitability with our organization’s goals and objectives. This is an important safeguard to preserving the integrity of Niagara Pride and our commitment to raise the funds necessary to fulfill our mission in a cost-efficient and effective manner.


While we may be able to provide guidance for your event, we do not have the personnel to handle administrative tasks of third party events. The board of Niagara Pride may provide:

  • Already published materials, such as flyers, photos, newsletters and logo

  • Promotion through Niagara Pride's website, as well as our social media platforms

  • Materials such as brochures about programs and services

  • Attendance and support at the event (pending staff/volunteer availability)



Organizers must complete and sign Third Party Agreement (to be distributed once proposal form is approved). 

  1. Third party events must be in line with our mission.

  2. All promotional materials must clearly state the percentage of proceeds that will benefit Niagara Pride.

  3. The use of our logo and name on any promotional materials (e.g., press releases, fliers, invitations, websites, letters, etc.) must be reviewed and approved by an executive committee board member to verify accuracy.

  4. Niagara Pride must receive a list of targeted sponsors for the event before they are approached to minimize any overlap with other Niagara Pride events and/or fundraising campaigns that may be underway. To protect our donors’ privacy, Niagara Pride will not provide donor or sponsor lists, nor will we solicit sponsorship revenue for third party fundraising events.

  5. Event organizers are responsible for obtaining all permits and liability waivers especially those for raffles and/or sporting-type events. Event organizers must obtain their own liability insurance to cover the event.

  6. Niagara Pride is not financially liable for the promotion, planning or execution of third party events. Any promotion of the event must avoid statement or appearance of Niagara Pride endorsing any product, firm, organization, individual or service.

  7. In order to fulfill our own accounting requirements, we request that you provide us the event proceeds within 30 days after the conclusion of the special event/fundraiser. 


After you have reviewed the above guidelines and wish to proceed with holding a 3rd party fundraiser for Niagara Pride, please complete the following steps:

  1. Use the contact form below to notify us of your interest in holding a 3rd Party Fundraising Event

  2. Within 3-5 business days of receiving your notification, we will email you a 3rd Party Fundraising Agreement form (see pdf above) designed to provide more detailed about the regulations and rules for 3rd party fundraising.

  3. Please submit the completed form prior to any planning of the event via email to with the email subject line "3rd Party Fundraising".

  4. Once the application has been submitted, we will review it and notify you of any questions/concerns/approval. Thank you again for your support of Niagara Pride!



Niagara Pride's Logo Usage Policy

This policy provides our requirements regarding use of Niagara Pride, Inc. (NP) logos, trademarks, slogans, and/or other brand features.

As the need to address future branding concerns arises, we may cancel, modify, or change the terms of this policy from time to time without notice to you. You, as a Logo user (“you”), are responsible for complying with any modified terms, so please review this policy and become familiar with any modifications we publish.

Your use of any Logo implies acceptance of, and agreement with, the terms of this policy. If you do not accept and agree to follow the rules for using the Logos as set out in this policy, you do not have the right to use the Logos and should not use them. Any use of the Logos that does not comply with this policy is not authorized. If you violate the rules set out in this policy, you must cease all use of all Logos, regardless of the uses otherwise allowed in this policy. In addition, NP reserves the right to revoke its approval of your use of the Logos at any time, unless otherwise agreed in writing with you.


Rules for Using the Logos

You must comply with all of the following rules when using a Logo:

  • Logos may only be used in marketing or other publicity materials for the benefit of NP, in the United States, with the permission of NP.

  • Logos may not be used in any confusing way.

    • No Logo may be used in any way that suggests that NP is affiliated with, sponsors, approves or endorses you, your organization, your websites, your products or your services, unless such a relationship exists.

    • No Logo may be used in any way that mischaracterizes any relationship between you and NP.

    • Vendors may not use the Logos to advertise NP as a clients on vendor websites and promotional pieces without our written permission.

  • All NP Logos are distinctive, designed pieces of graphic artwork. The following usage guidelines must be followed:

    • Do not modify or alter the Logos

      • Do not change scale, skew or rotate any Logo

      • Do not change the design of any Logo

      • Do not change or vary the colors of any Logo, except that the Logos may be all black or can be reversed out in white.

      • Avoid screening Logos to less than 100%

      • Do not shrink any Logo to less than 1” in height

    • Do not combine a Logo with any other design, trademark, graphic, text or other element, including your name, any trademarks or any generic terms.

    • No other design, trademark, text, graphic or other element may be placed closer to a Logo than the height of the tallest letter in the Logo, such as the letter "d" in pride.

    • No artistic effects (such as drop shadows) may be applied the logo.

  • No Logo may be used or displayed in any of the following ways:

    • in any manner that, in the sole discretion of NP, discredits NP or tarnishes its reputation and goodwill;

    • in any manner that infringes, dilutes, depreciates the value, or impairs the rights of NP in the Logos;

    • in any manner that is false or misleading;

    • in connection with any pornography, illegal activities, or other materials that are defamatory, libelous, obscene, or otherwise objectionable;

    • in any manner that violates any law, regulations, or other public policy; or

    • as part of a name of a product or service of a company other than NP

  • You acknowledge that NP is the sole and exclusive owner of the Logos, including all applicable intellectual property rights, and any goodwill generated from using any Logos inures to the benefit of NP. You may not assert rights to any Logo whether by trademark registration, domain name registration or anything else.

  • You must, upon request from NP, provide samples of any materials that include the Logos for purposes of determining compliance with this policy.

  • You must make any changes to your use of the Logos that are requested by NP for policy compliance. Your failure to comply with any of the terms, restrictions, conditions, or limitations in this policy will result in automatic termination of your limited right to use the Logos, unless NP requests changes and you promptly comply with such requests, or unless otherwise provided in a written agreement between you and NP. This remedy is in addition to any other legal remedies to which NP may be entitled in relation to your use of the Logos.

  • You must immediately stop using the applicable Logo if NP notifies you that the Logo has become outdated for any reason including, but not limited to, loss of a trademark or any allegation that a Logo is in violation of the rights of any third party.

  • Business partners who have agreements with NP must comply with the terms of their agreement in addition to this policy.


If you would like to make any use of our Logos that is not covered by this policy, or for further information or clarification about use of the Logos, please contact

Third Party Sponsorship Contact Request

Thank you for your interest in hosting a third-party fundraiser for Niagara Pride. You will receive an email from one of our board members within a few days of submitting your request to discuss your proposal further.

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