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Financial Management Services

Niagara Pride is happy to work together with Center for Elder Law and Justice (CELJ) to be able to refer LGBTQ+ seniors in need of financial management services to the FINANCIAL MANGEMENT PROGRAM.

CELJ's Financial Management Program is designed to help older adults obtain a better understanding of their finances, and how to properly budget them.  Their program allows specially chosen volunteers to aid older adults to continue residing in their own homes, assist in preventing scams and abuse, provide referrals for wrap-around supports, and bolster the economic security of those who live within a fixed income. CELJ's primary goal is to ensure those that are aided can live an independent life without the burden of financial worries.

Trained staff members and volunteers will visit you at home to help tackle any financial matter you need a guiding hand in.  If you need help…

  • Planning a budget/paying bills

  • Balancing a checkbook

  • Review bank and other statements.

  • Live within your income.

  • Work with creditors.

  • Fill out simple insurance forms.

  • Link with community resources.

To get more information about the program, contact CELJ at Phone: 1-800-316-5103 or email them at

Access to safe, clean housing and adequate care is vital for older adults, but for those who identify as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, finding that care is often more challenging than it is for the average senior. 

Senior Living Guide for
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Discrimination due to gender or sexual preference can make it difficult to find a senior living option where they feel safe, accepted and well cared for. 

According to research published by Healthy People, an initiative of the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, discrimination against LGBTQIA+ seniors is associated with increased rates of psychiatric disorders, substance abuse and suicide, highlighting the importance of discrimination-free health care and living options for LGBTQIA+ elders. This especially applies to those living in poverty or with poor physical or mental health, all of which LGBTQIA+ seniors are unfortunately more vulnerable to. 

In this guide, we discuss housing rights for LGBTQIA+ seniors, common challenges faced by elderly members of this community, and how their loved ones can find safe, comfortable senior housing. It also includes lists of resources where seniors can seek help.

To access the guide, CLICK HERE.

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