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In 2023, Niagara Pride launched the #WNYPrideNetworkForSocialGood campaign.  In the past, Niagara Pride has organized and participated in a number of food drives, clothing drives, backpack drives, etc.  Knowing that there is strength in numbers, Niagara Pride designed a campaign to encourage LGBTQ+ individuals in WNY as well as LGBTQ+ agencies to come together and work together on various social good projects to benefit the community. 


The #WNYPrideNetworkForSocialGood initiative will focus on ways LGBTQ+ organizations can unite to build bridges with other groups and agencies in order to improve WNY.

2024 Campaigns:

June - Have Pride in Giving:  As we celebrate Pride Month, let's give back to the community which supports us.  For 30 days, place the following items into a box and on July 1, bring the box to a local food pantry of your choice:

6/1 - box of cereal                                6/11 - can of condensed milk           6/21 - box of shelf stable milk

6/2 - can of peas                                  6/12 - bottle of ketchup                    6/22 - jar/can of pasta sauce

6/3 - box of pasta                                 6/13 - ramen noodles                        6/23 - box of brownie mix

6/4 - jar/can of spaghetti sauce       6/14 - can of carrots                           6/24 - juice boxes

6/5 - can of corn                                   6/15 - bag of flour                               6/25 - bag of chips

6/6 - package of socks                       6/16 - canned tuna                             6/26 - canned soup

6/7 - tube of toothpaste                    6/17 - canned chicken                       6/27 - canned chicken

6/8 - box of cake mix                          6/18 - can of mixed veggies             6/28 - canned tuna

6/9 - bag of rice                                    6/19 - box of pasta                              6/29 - box of cereal

6/10 - box of mac & cheese               6/20 - toothbrush                               6/30 - bottle of cooking oil

Make sure to take a picture of your donation box and post it on our Facebook page with the hashtag #WNYPrideNetworkForSocialGood or email your picture to

2023 Campaigns:

December - Selfie with Santa & Mrs. Claus:  Board Members of Niagara Pride dressed as Santa, Mrs. Claus, and elves to create a memorable event for the Niagara Falls community.  At the Cave of the Winds, attendees were able to get a free selfie as well as donate a new hat, scarf, and/or gloves set.  We collected approximately 50 hats, 25 scarves, and 25 mittens/gloves which were donated to a local shelter.
















November - Thanksgiving Meal Food Drive:  Individuals and agencies were encouraged to start a Giving Box, where one food item a day was placed in the box from November 1, 2023 through November 20, 2023.  Boxes were then donated to local food pantries and shelters around WNY.


August - Sock Donation: Niagara Pride was honored to have been able to share a sock donation made by Bombas with three local community service providers:  Pinnacle Community Services; Heart, Love and Soul; and Community Missions. Over 7,000 pairs of socks were split equally between these three incredible agencies. 

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